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Passion Athena Body Black
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Passion Lingerie


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Release your inner goddess, by donning the Athena Body in black, from the sublimely sexy Passion lingerie range, and enjoy some heavenly sensations. Like the Greek goddess, from whom it takes its name, this garment oozes power and confidence, and is sure to give the wearer a similar amount of dominion over all who witness her. The dark, sheer material rests over the breasts, connecting a neckline and thong, both with a gorgeous lace detail in the form of a leaf pattern. This outfit flaunts the flesh without giving the entire game away, covering up the most intimate of spots for the ultimate tease. A unique and daring design presents the body in a sexy shape, with the panty line dipping low to expose the majority of the pelvis in an unmistakably exciting manner. An excellent choice for those confident with flaunting their figures, this revealing number is available in a range of sizes

WASHING Hand wash
BRAND Passion Lingerie

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