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Passion Athena Body White
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Passion Lingerie


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Unleash the goddess that lives within, by slipping into the Athena Body in white, from the beautifully crafted Passion lingerie range, and enjoy earth shaking pleasures. Just like Athena, the Greek goddess after whom this garment is named, the wearer of this gorgeous item will exude power, beauty and confidence. A sheer, translucent material covers the breasts, although it does allow a sneak peek, and connects the neckline with the thong. Both the neckline and thong take inspiration from the Greeks again with an elegant floral and leaf design made from lace that looks and feels exquisite. The dramatic and sexy design of this item flaunts the feminine figure, for example, the dropped pantyline exposes the majority of the pelvis in a striking and unquestionably sexy manner. An excellent choice for those who love to show off their body, this revealing number is available in a range of sizes.

WASHING Hand wash
BRAND Passion Lingerie

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